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¡CChina Shenzhen Benow Telecom Co., Ltd is one of the sponsor companies promoting Digital Code Anti-Forgery(DCAF) technology in China. The company provides its customers with DCAF solutions combined with other anti-forgery technology to protect products being imitated by the forgery-makers. The DCAF technology makes an ordinary consumer could identify a piece of product genuine or fake on the moment of buying the product. The identification needs only simple easy communication tools: Telephone, Mobile phone, Internet!

¡CAt the start time of the company business, "Make a Phone Call, Get if Genuine or Fake" made ordinary Chinese understanding how the Digital Code Anti-Forgery works. Now the company is specialized in 3-Anti's, namely Anti-Forgery(AF), Anti-Cross-Territory-Selling(ACTS,Marketing Management) and Anti-Fake-Lottery-Ticket(AFPT,prize cashing control in sale boosting activities).

¡CThe company gathering a group of telecommunication,information system,networking,
design and printing experts, could provide all-round solutions for customers. So far, the company has branches or agents over 23 provinces in China, and served more than 2500 enterprises,many of them are famous international or domestic companies.